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RapidEssay.com is an online writing service that offers custom-written academic assignments such as essays and research papers. As one of the most popular writing services available on the internet, it caters to students from all over the globe. This review provides a comprehensive evaluation of RapidEssay.com’s features and services.

Introduction to RapidEssay

RapidEssay.com is an online writing service offering custom-written essays, research papers, and other academic assignments. The company was founded in 2014, and since then it has become one of the most popular writing services on the web. RapidEssay.com is renowned for its quality writing services and its team of experienced writers, which is why many students from all over the world trust them for their academic assignments.

The company has a website that provides all the information a customer would need to understand the services they offer and how they work. The website is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. It is also available in multiple languages, making it accessible to customers from different countries.

How good is RapidEssay.com?

RapidEssay.com is renowned for its quality services and its team of experienced writers. All the writers have to go through a rigorous selection process before they can be hired. This ensures that only the most qualified writers are hired to work on the customers’ orders. The writers are all professionals with degrees from top universities and colleges, so you can be sure that your order will be written to the highest standards of quality.

In addition to their experienced writers, RapidEssay.com also provides a range of features that make the process of ordering and receiving a paper easier. They offer free revisions, so if you’re not satisfied with the paper you received, you can get it revised for free. They also offer a money-back guarantee, so if you’re not satisfied with the paper, you can get a full refund.

RapidEssay.com also takes pride in its customer service. They have a team of customer service representatives who are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. They are friendly and helpful, and they are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that you are satisfied with the services you receive.

Where is RapidEssay located?

RapidEssay.com is headquartered in the United Kingdom, with offices located in London, Cambridge, and Oxford. In addition, the company has a team of writers stationed across different countries, enabling them to offer their services to customers worldwide.

Types of services

RapidEssay.com provides a wide range of services, including essay writing, research papers, term papers, dissertations, coursework, and more. They also offer editing and proofreading services, so you can get help with your paper even after it has been written.

The company also offers a range of other services, such as formatting, citation, and plagiarism checking. These services are all available at an additional cost, but they can be very useful if you need help with your paper.

How does RapidEssay work?

Ordering a paper from RapidEssay.com is a straightforward process. Customers are required to fill out an order form on the website, providing all necessary details about their paper. After submitting the form, the company assigns a writer to the order. The writer then sends a draft of the paper to the customer, who can review it and request revisions as needed. Once the customer is satisfied with the paper, it can be downloaded from the website.

How much does RapidEssay cost?

RapidEssay.com provides competitive pricing for its services. The total cost of a paper is determined by its type, length, and deadline. The company also offers discounts for larger orders, allowing customers to save money when ordering multiple papers at once.


RapidEssay.com provides its customers with several guarantees. The company guarantees that all papers will be written to the highest standards of quality and delivered on time. They also guarantee that all papers will be 100% original and free from plagiarism. Additionally, the company offers a money-back guarantee, ensuring that customers receive a full refund if they are not satisfied with their paper.

Is RapidEssay real?

Indeed, RapidEssay.com is a legitimate company. With over six years of experience, the company has earned a reputable status for offering high-quality services to clients worldwide. They boast a team of professional writers and dedicated customer service representatives who are available around the clock to respond to any inquiries you may have.

Is RapidEssay legit or a scam?

RapidEssay.com is a reputable company that delivers high-quality services to its clients. They have a team of proficient writers and dedicated customer service representatives who are readily available to address any concerns you may have. Additionally, the company provides a money-back guarantee, ensuring that customers receive a full refund if they are dissatisfied with their paper.

Is RapidEssay safe?

Indeed, RapidEssay.com is a secure and trustworthy website. The company employs secure encryption technology to safeguard all data provided by their customers. Additionally, they have a strict privacy policy that guarantees the confidentiality of all information shared with them.

Customer support

RapidEssay.com boasts a team of customer service representatives who are available round-the-clock to address any concerns or queries you may have. The team is friendly, helpful, and dedicated to ensuring that clients are satisfied with the services provided. They are willing to go above and beyond to ensure that customers receive the best possible service.

How do I contact RapidEssay.com?

RapidEssay.com can be contacted via email or phone. Moreover, the company provides a live chat feature on its website, which enables customers to communicate with their customer service representatives directly.

Can I get a refund on RapidEssay.com?

Yes, RapidEssay.com offers a money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the paper you received, you can get a full refund.

Pros and Cons

RapidEssay.com is an online writing service that offers students a quick and easy way to complete their essays on time. However, like any other service, it has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. In this blog post, we will discuss the pros and cons of RapidEssay.com so you can decide for yourself if it’s the right choice for your essay-writing needs. We’ll examine the quality of work they provide, their prices, customer support, security measures taken by the company to protect customers’ data and information, as well as other important factors that should be considered when deciding whether or not to use RapidEssay.com’s services. So, let’s take a closer look at what makes RapidEssay tick!

RapidEssay Pros

  • Quality services.
  • Experienced writers.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Secure website.
  • 24/7 customer support.

RapidEssay Cons

  • Additional fees for certain services.
  • Limited deadline options.


RapidEssay.com is a credible online writing service that offers quality services to clients worldwide. Their professional writers, affordable pricing, and money-back guarantee make them an excellent option for anyone seeking assistance with their academic assignments. If you are searching for a dependable writing service, then RapidEssay.com is definitely worth considering.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is RapidEssay.com trustworthy?

Yes, RapidEssay.com is a trustworthy essay writing service. They have a team of professional writers who are experts in various fields, and they guarantee high-quality and plagiarism-free papers. They also have a secure payment system and a confidentiality policy to protect their clients' personal and payment information. RapidEssay.com has received positive reviews from many satisfied customers, which is a testament to their reliability and credibility.

Is RapidEssay.com reliable?

Yes, RapidEssay.com is a reliable online writing service. They have a team of experienced writers who can deliver high-quality papers on time. Their customer support is also very responsive and helpful. Moreover, they offer a money-back guarantee, which means that you can get a refund if you are not satisfied with the quality of the paper. Overall, RapidEssay.com is a trustworthy service that you can rely on for your academic writing needs.

How do I start a RapidEssay.com account?

To start a RapidEssay.com account, simply visit their website and click on the "Sign Up" button. You will be prompted to fill out a short form with your personal details and create a password. Once you have completed the registration process, you can log in to your account and start placing orders for custom papers. RapidEssay.com makes it easy to order papers online with their user-friendly interface and responsive customer support. With their team of professional writers, you can be sure that you will receive high-quality academic papers that meet your requirements. Start your RapidEssay.com account today and take advantage of their affordable prices and fast turnaround times!

How to use RapidEssay.com?

To use RapidEssay.com, simply visit the website and select the type of paper you need help with. Then, provide the details of your assignment, such as the topic, word count, and citation style. Next, choose your deadline and select any additional features you may need, such as plagiarism reports or VIP support. Finally, make your payment and wait for your high-quality paper to be delivered on time. With RapidEssay.com, you can enjoy a stress-free academic experience and get the grades you deserve.

How long does RapidEssay.com take?

RapidEssay.com is known for its fast and efficient service. The time it takes to complete an order depends on the type of assignment, its complexity, and the deadline. However, the team at RapidEssay.com is committed to delivering high-quality work within the specified timeframe. Rest assured that the writers work tirelessly to ensure that your order is completed as quickly as possible without compromising on quality. If you have any concerns or need a specific delivery date, feel free to contact their customer support team, who will be more than happy to assist you.

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  1. I am blown away by the exceptional service and high-quality work provided by RapidEssay. They exceeded my expectations and made the whole process stress-free. Thank you for helping me achieve my academic goals with ease!

  2. ???? Nothing beats the feeling of submitting a well-written essay ahead of the deadline! Thanks to RapidEssay, I was able to impress my professor and ace my assignment! Highly recommend their top-notch writing services to all students out there! ????

  3. Feeling grateful for the incredible service provided by RapidEssay! They truly exceeded my expectations and delivered top-notch content that helped me achieve my academic goals. Highly recommend their services to anyone in need of reliable and efficient writing assistance ????????❤️

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